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SAP Platform - S4 HANA Wholesale-01

"Lead the Pack with SAP’s
Wholesale Distribution Software"


For wholesale distribution companies, growing profits in business today is more challenging than ever. The right technology is needed to handle ever-increasing levels of complexity. And companies need fast access to trusted information required to proactively manage customer and supplier relationships and make informed decisions.

SAP solutions for wholesale distributors can help by providing the tools, process support, and insight needed to drive superior performance and profitable growth.

What do SAP solutions help customers do?

Information technology and platform

Enable real-time enterprise with powerful insights, empower developers, and unwire the business.

Supply chain planning and execution

Create transparent and highly responsive supply chain operations with lower costs and risks.

Procure to pay

Minimize supplier risk, to enable high service levels and drive compliance while cutting costs and risks.

Opportunity to cash

Drive customer profitability with right product and service offerings, build loyalty, and grow revenue.

Profitability optimization

Focus on the most-profitable customers, products, and suppliers and enable margin visibility and control.

Human resources and finance

Simplify processes and maximize employee engagement and gain insight for finance and trading excellence.

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