Senior / Officer Recruitment

Job Description

  • Analysis the lack of manpower and monitor to do future plan.
  • Supervise and execute recruitment according to the recruitment and selection process to proceed as planned.
  • Follow up and analyze the reasons of inability to get employee within a reasonable period of time and set management methods to resolve the problems quickly and continuously.
  • Contact with educational institutions or government agencies in arranging Campus Recruitment and Job fair.
  • Set up channels and monitor recruiting to meet the rate of manpower that is sufficient for all departments in the company.


  • Bachelor degree or Master degree
  • Able to do working plan, work analysis and reporting data
  • Be able to communicate and presentation.
  • Have at least 5 years of experience in recruiting and hiring
  • Have good human relations, get along with people from different backgrounds, trusty and credibility to all parties, both inside and outside the organization.

Apply Here:

+66 9 8267 6515

02 091 1990