Management Solution

System optimized and directed task management and decreased non-productive time
Increased productivity leads to reduced expenses
Enhanced customer experience through improved speed, accuracy and reliability
Improved inventory accuracy, visibility and rotation leads to less lost, damaged and obsolete inventory


Integrated labor productivity and profitability through engineering standards in a unified commerce context
Configurable workflows and extensibility to personalize solution without customization
Management and support of a wide range of automation
Persona based user experience and mobility
Dynamic task management

Drive distribution center and fulfillment agility and efficiency
for maximum return on investment

JDA Warehouse Management customers have achieved substantial ROI:

  • Fulfillment cost reductions of 10-50%
  • Inventory storage and handling cost reductions of 10-35%
  • Throughput increases of 10-40%
  • Inventory visibility and accuracy of nearly 100%
  • Inventory reductions of 5-25%
  • Credit reductions of 75-95%
  • Dock-to-stock time reductions of 25-50%
  • Receiving dwell-time reductions of 25-50%

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