Single view of your customer
Solutions for a single view of your customer

Connecting customer data with users who need it can be a daunting challenge involving disparate systems, multiple data formats, and frequently changing data sources. Anypoint Platform™ enables multiple teams to act as one, collaborating around a fully integrated 360-degree view to understand and anticipate customer needs.

Deepen customer relationships with the right data

Integrate data 60% faster

Rapidly connect to more systems and map data elements across sources to provide a multidimensional view of every customer

Change data sources with ease

Decouple data extraction from processing and delivery, and easily swap out data sources without affecting downstream users

Provide a single source of truth

Ensure that everyone has access to and can act on accurate customer information

Accelerate the flow of data

Whether you are pulling from your master data management (MDM), ERP, CRM, or analytics systems, Anypoint Platform provides hundreds of out-of-the-box connectors, a visual drag-and-drop data mapper, and data transformation templates to normalize customer information.

Accommodate new and evolving data sets and sources

Easily integrate new data sources as your business strategy and IT landscape evolves. Reconfigure APIs to draw data from any system – from mainframes to SaaS – using a point-and-click tool. Adopt new architectures and technologies without disrupting the apps, people, and processes that rely on a 360-degree view of customer information.

Act on accurate customer data

Access consistent customer data via self-service APIs. Deliver different customer views based on a single source of truth, and support personalized interactions while ensuring a common understanding of every customer attribute.

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