Complete Repetitive Tasks as Human Perform


RPA is a category of software tools that enable complex digital processes to be automated by performing them in the same way a human user might perform them, using the user interface and following a set of predefined rules.


Nexus System Resources has developed a pre-defined pre-built proven RPA package leveraging on SAP’s iRPA solution that allows for ease of deployment, minimum risk involved, and quicker ROI. We call it NEXtier RPA. With our shopping cart of scenarios to choose from, and our proven delivery approach, and our experience, we are confident in transforming your processes and business into the new age of digital automation.

Automatic Creation of Sales Orders from Excel
Sales order processing constitutes a very important part of the order-to-cash process for enterprises. In most B2B scenarios, internal sales representatives get order requests through Excel spreadsheets attached in the emails sent from customers. Then the internal sales representatives have to create sales orders manually in the system based on the received spreadsheets. This is a very time-consuming and error prone process which adds unnecessary manual efforts and potential risks to the business in such a highly competitive business world.
Automatic Creation of Sales Orders from Excel
This bot help user fetch supplier invoice source files from outlook or local folder, then convert these source files into the data format which bot could recognized. After these data ready, bot will generate valid request payload and posting them into user-specified system via public API. Bot also support uploading related attachment files.
Automated Upload of General Ledger Entries
Uploading and maintaining financial journal data are done manually today. Financial accounting staff often extracts journal entry data from Excel files, which can come from third party sources via email. Once the data is extracted, the staff then manually enters each line item into S/4HANA system.
Automated Upload of Bank Statement Files
The Automated Upload of Bank Statement Files bot can automate the upload of incoming bank files for reconciliation and checking file statuses and error logs across various systems. It substantially reduces the required time and increases the accuracy of uploading bank statement files


Reduce time (processing/throughput)

Reduce labor related costs

Improve operational quality with greater control/governance

Improve response time to various changes of market conditions and other business requirements

Provide alternatives to full-scale system development and implementation

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