NEXtier Intelligent Robotic
Process Automation Package

SAP’s pre-defined, pre-built proven iRPA package leveraging on SAP’s iRPA solution that
allows for ease of deployment, minimum risk involved, and quicker ROI.

Starts from 99,000 THB

Complete Repetitive Tasks as Human Perform


RPA is a category of software tools that enable complex digital processes to be automated by performing them in the same way a human user might perform them, using the user interface and following a set of predefined rules.

Difference Between RPA and iRPA

Standard RPA Tools

Interact with core systems as if they were a user, often using the same user interface. When the UI changes or a system is updated, the RPA tool must be reprogrammed –introducing additional complexity to the IT ecosystem and raising the risk of updating systems.

Intelligent RPA

Uses a combination of UI- and API-based access to create a stable connection to enterprise systems. It considers human actions in its processes, using insight gained from busi-ness process management and workflow technologies. Intelligent capabilities such as machine learning and conversational AI support digital interactions.


Reduce time (processing/throughput)

Reduce labor related costs

Improve operational quality with greater control/governance

Provide alternatives to full-scale system development and implementation

Improve response time to various changes of market conditions and other business requirements


Example : Best Practices with Use Cases

Broad Experience and Knowledge in Various Industries

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Introducing the Future of SAP Intelligent RPA

SAP Intelligent RPA – End2End Demo

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