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February 3, 2017by NEXUS

What will the digital economy mean for finance organizations? How will digitalization change finance processes, how will it impact reporting, forecasting and planning?

Cycle times have to change dramatically, there can be no more waiting or “ I will get back to you” for reports or data. Processes must become automated and manual effort reduced so be able to assess and respond to situations in real time. It’s that simple. We see live financial modelling and in the moment analysis, to help improve your planning accuracy and foresight. A live view of current cash positions, and liquidity forecasts to improve cash flow and reduce risk. Live management of currency and country risk to reduce exposure and optimize hedging. All covered by embedded compliance for 24*7 monitoring across the enterprise. Digital Finance means that your business can quickly adapt and execute live. Will you be a ”live” finance organization, to helping your company thrive in the digital economy.

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