Tech Masterclass

SAP Business Technology Platform


April 26th, 2024


14:00pm – 15:30pm



As a forward-thinking leader and specialist, you’re continually in search of methods to innovate and enhance your business development processes. This is precisely why we’re extending an invitation to you for “Tech Masterclass: SAP Business Technology Platform” a comprehensive session designed to reveal how the SAP Business Technology Platform is revolutionizing the landscape of business innovation.

Agenda Highlights:

An exploration of how SAP BTP catalyzes digital transformation across various industries, providing businesses with the essential insights and tools needed to flourish in the digital age.

Discover drag-and-drop simplicity to adapt processes to create forms-based workflows effortlessly and an integration of machine learning to build intelligent automation.

Experience the ease of drag-and-drop app development, and see how to build cross-platform apps with low-code efforts.

Explore real-time analytics reports and the industry-leading planning engine, and learn how to integrate analytics seamlessly with ERP applications.

Gain insights into prebuilt integrations, API management, and discover tools for a comprehensive integration strategy and integration optimization.

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