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Drive to Autonomous Supply Chain and The Power of Logistics Execution for Manufacturing

Today’s supply chains and logistics are facing a new era of uncertainty. Global disruption, channel complexity, trade concerns, logistics, and supply chain skill shortages are the new normal.

To help ensure that your company’s products and supplies are getting to the people who need them, today’s supply chain and logistics solutions must be more intelligent, more intuitive, more predictive and more capable of delivering to your customers when, how and where they want.

Now is the time to consider modernizing your supply chain and logistics. The following on-demand webinar can help you as you begin assessing what your journey to use supply chain and logistics solutions will look like.

  • Build a globally synchronized and shared plan that senses and responds profitably and quickly to both supply and demand volatility.
  • Deliver multi-dimensional analysis & planning to close the gap and improve forecast accuracy. Reduce inventory through communication and collaboration.
  • Gain the ability to proactively sense and predict disruptions and course-correct automatically to provide better business outcomes.
  • Plan, execute, and orchestrate end-to-end logistics operations and manage by exceptions.
  • Seamlessly plan, orchestrate, and optimize resources (humans, robots, and trucks), space, movement, inventory and orders.
  • Gain operational and real-time visibility of supply, inventory, distribution, and customer order fulfillment. Use AI/ML to predict problems and resolve issues for flawless execution.
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